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2 Chauvet Intimidator Wave IRC
Review coming soon.

My kids love these lights. It works great in Master/Slave mode either in Vertical or Horizontal mode. The color screen made it easy to invert the Slave so the lights would face each other


I love this site! Your latest TSI worked flawlessly. I didn't even know about the effect combinations... the possibilities are endless! DJ WyldstyleProfessional DJ and Producer

New TSI available. Download now!Try the latest TSI for the DN-HC4500 and Traktor

Oh snap. FLUX mode and Slice now included.
Fixed: Deck Focus works. Deleted previous LED off when switching Decks.
Fixed: Flip + Hot Cues 3-5 on right side. When deleting Hot Cues 3-5, it would jump to Cue instead of just deleting it.
Added: 'Deck Focus Select' for all 4 decks.

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