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J.J.’s DN-HC4500 + Serato Scratch Live XML MIDI Mapper

Before SSL 2.0, you could modify an XML to override the buttons/knobs on a controller with Native Support in Serato Scratch Live. After SSL 2.0, it was nearly impossible until I figured you could hijack the MIDI input using the FREE MidiOX software or Bome’s MIDI Translater. You would leave the MIDI output alone to

J.J.’s DN-SC2000 + Serato Scratch Live XML MIDI Mapper

DN-SC2000 is not officially supported in Serato Scratch Live. But that doesn’t mean you can’t program this wonderful controller in MIDI. Thanks to Konix and radikarl on Serato’s Forum, there is Jog Wheel Support for Scratching.

J.J.’s DN-S3700 + Serato Scratch Live XML MIDI Mapper

I finished the Custom MIDI Mapper XML for the DN-S3700 and Serato Scratch Live. I will now work on updating the PDF and create a video. With Scratch Live 2.5.0, Serato added enabled MIDI out so your precious buttons will light up.

Video: MIDI MAP DN-S3700 in Scratch Live

This video will show you how to create a custom Serato Scratch Live MIDI Map using Denon's DN-S3700 Direct Drive table top CD player. I tried to explain the new HYBRID mode that Denon is releasing soon. It will include the audio signal timecode from most DJ software companies like Serato. You use almost all the buttons and knobs to control everything in Scratch Live. The Platter, Pitch Slider, Reverse button and Play will be used in HYBRID mode to control the timecode.

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Denon Dj D-Day Aug 16th Announcements

With the revolutionary new Denon DJ Hybrid MIDI mode free F/W download, current users and future owners of the DN-S3700 or DN-S1200s will be able to use various supported DVS applications (on either a PC or Mac®) such as Serato™ Scratch Live for direct spinning platter control (for DN-S3700).

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