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M-Audio releases Torq 1.5

Torq 1.5 DJ software is available immediately from the M-Audio webstore. The cost of upgrading from any previous version of Torq is USD$49.95. It's a free upgrade to customers who purchases Torq or Xponent after January 17th, 2008.

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MPTrim: Remove, fade or add silence

What exactly can mpTrim do for you? mpTrim can trim MP3s - removing silent or unwanted parts. mpTrim can adjust the volume of MP3s. Volume change can be manual or automatic (volume normalization). mpTrim can fade-in/out MP3s (to fix abrupt beginning/ending). mpTrim can clean-up MP3s and recover wasted disk space. mpTrim keeps the music quality intact. . .

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CDex: Convert CD’s to MP3

Download CDex is an application that records audio tracks from CDs and saves them to a disk as regular WAV files or as encoded sound files. This program features an MP3 decoder (MPEG 1/2/3-based) and a new LAME encoder, and has built-in support to generate OGG Vorbis files.

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Need a Acapella?

ACAPELLAS4U Acapellas4u - acapella, acappella, a-capella, accapella, vox, vocals, samples, diy, cpu, free, forum, community Here is what Daniel Bailey had to say about this site. "ACAPELLAS4U is the definitive place for all your acapella desires. It has saved me many hours of searching the net and it also features a fantastic community run by

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PCDJ Reflex release just around the corner

Reflex release just around the corner Ryan, the sales director for, has informed me that the launch of Reflex from GizmoLabs, Inc. is right around the corner. If you don't know what Reflex is, you should go here The screenshot is not real. It's a mockup I did to see what the GUI would look like with darker tones. Custom skins 'virtual controllers' are not going to be available for the initial release. Certain components are removable and stretchable and the base GUI auto-sizes.

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