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Gizmolabs Launches RPM

Many of you might remember the similar software from PCDJ called Reflex. It was launched with the Denon controller DN-HC4500. Well, Gizmolabs is at it again with there new software called RPM. The great thing about this software is that many features can only be reached from controllers and keyboard shortcuts (not with the mouse). That's why the screen is simple.

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Introducing the first professional DJ mixer with two USB 2.0 High Speed ports with support for real-time connection of two computers. Two DJs can work in parallel and/or seamlessly transition from one DJ to another.

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Denon DN-X1600 Press Release

DENON DJ UNVEILS THE DN-X1600 DIGITAL MIXER — Powered by the same core engine as the flagship DN-X1700, the DN-X1600 is a versatile, cost-effective mixer for professional club or studio use, as well as for party DJs and amateur spinners — — DN-X1600 the world’s first digital DJ mixer to be introduced with V-LINK, allowing DJs to perform a wide range of visual effects simultaneously with their music —

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MIDI Map the FIRST LAYER on the DN-HC1000S

1. Load on old version of SSL (before Native DN-HC1000S support) 2. Do a manual custom MAP. Assign only the buttons on the HC1000s that you want to be different. For instance: Assign Tap to Internal 3. Go to Setup/ MIDI and name and save your MIDI Map.

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Denon DN-HS5500 releases random Cue Slip fix

10 months after it's End-of-life (EOL) announcement, Denon has release a firmware for the DN-HS5500. It promises to fix the Random Cue Slip many users have been complaining about that was added with the last SYS 1300 update. • Improved Random Marker Point drift when scratching

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