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MPTrim: Remove, fade or add silence

What exactly can mpTrim do for you? mpTrim can trim MP3s - removing silent or unwanted parts. mpTrim can adjust the volume of MP3s. Volume change can be manual or automatic (volume normalization). mpTrim can fade-in/out MP3s (to fix abrupt beginning/ending). mpTrim can clean-up MP3s and recover wasted disk space. mpTrim keeps the music quality intact. . .

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CDex: Convert CD’s to MP3

Download CDex is an application that records audio tracks from CDs and saves them to a disk as regular WAV files or as encoded sound files. This program features an MP3 decoder (MPEG 1/2/3-based) and a new LAME encoder, and has built-in support to generate OGG Vorbis files.

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