Getting Started For .NET 2010

Crystal Studio is no longer installed with Visual Studio 2010. It’s a separate download and install. The 2 problems you will run into is: 1. The Crystal Reports Viewer is gone. 2. Your Code won’t work.
Before you begin make sure and uninstall any BETA versions.

Step 1: Download Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010

Crystal Reports .NET Step 1

Step 2: What Happened to the Crystal Reports Viewer?

When you go to Project, Add New Item, Crystal Report is still there. However, if you want to add a Crystal Reports Viewer to a Form, it is missing. ToolBox -> Reporting -> Crystal Reports Viewer is Gone.

  • Step 1: Open a new project and go to Project, Properties
  • Step 2: Change .NET Framework 4 Client Profile to .NET Framework 4
  • Step 3: Select Yes to apply changes and close the project
  • Reopen Project after it closes.

Crystal Reports .NET Step 2

Step 3: Why doesn’t my code work?

The problem with .NET Framework 4.0 is with compatibility issues (DLL) with old Code and the new Visual Studio application.
In the app.config file, change <startup> to <startup useLegacyV2RuntimeActivationPolicy=”true”>


Crystal Reports .NET Step 3