10 months after it’s End-of-life (EOL) announcement, Denon has release a firmware for the DN-HS5500. It promises to fix the Random Cue Slip many users have been complaining about that was added with the last SYS 1300 update.

NEW DN-HS5500 SOFTWARE SYS 1400 (Dec 2009)

In order to DL the latest DN-HS5500 OR DN-HS5500CD firmware, you need to join our Denon DJ Club, here:


Register yourself and player(s)
Once you register, you will be able to see the DL file in your account.
Unzip the DL in a folder of your choice, then follow the easy .pdf “Read Me” directions.

How to check your version number is here;


(Please read the instructions that come with the DL file)

Latest Plug In’s: v1400 (as of December 22, 2009)

    • Added Mixed-CD support which avoids “Disc Error”
    • Improved Pitch lock setting was lost after layer switching
    • Improved Drag-start sound issue at remote side of D-sync mode
    • Improved Random Marker Point drift when scratching
    • Improved Cue Point drift when scratching after DUMP/Reverse mode
    • Improved MIDI performance for MAC OS X10.5.7 & X10.6
    • Improved Vinyl disc Cue point from moving out of Cue during heavy bass or hard vibration
    • Improved Vinyl disc marker drift when changing FWD/BOTH direction switch while scratching
    • Improved CD-TEXT character length for “Track Name”
    • Improved Pitch fader response feeling
    • Improved Very low bitrate MP3 plays with some noise
    • Improved freezing issue when adding file to playlist in playlist create utility
    • Improved Nextmemo Cue point is wrongly loaded when cue is located far from head of file
    • Improved Jumping to another file after canceling NEXT Tr Mode and Quick Jump/Fast Search was used

However, DawidWarsaw has already confirmed 3 problems. Check out the forum here.