(Update 11/9/08) Version 3.0.1 has been released, it should fix the sound to light problem and some other critical issues.

FreeStyler 3.0.1 has been released! Freestyler is free lighting control software used by many leading dj’s, venues and lighting designers and supported by a vast network of users worldwide.

Now availible to download on the forum is the latest greatest version of FS! Version 3!
It’s not a beta and its a Stable release!
There have been some changes so PLEASE read this topic first before installing!

Here are some of the updates:

  • Presets, save a signal fixtures or all fixtures attributes such as position, colour, gobo etc to be recalled to any scene in a cue. Change the preset and will automatically update the cue.
  • Shape tool, seems the bugs are fixed and works the way we wanted.
  • NEW graphics, menu bars , scroll bars, buttons, and icon looks pretty .
  • FS now indicates which fixtures are currently in a scene when creating a cue.
  • Windows can now be reset to their default position! No More lost windows.
  • Fades are shown when previewing a sequence in the cue creator, and can be disabled I.e All become snap to view scenes.
  • backups will now only restore saves from the current version, Unfortunately meaning no more backwards compatibility for locations but removes the out of bounds error.
  • Folders can now be removed from the save scene/cue manager.
  • Point Open Play -> Now allows a cue to be selected open and played straight from the insert sequence window in the cue manager.
  • Cue list buttons, saved cue lists from the fast cue switcher can now be assigned to a button, and will play all the cues in the list when the button is selected.
  • Removed message boxes which could pause the program.
  • Sequence name in cue fixed when added with save dialog.
  • Bug fixed with midi and mousecursor, selecting and locking to adjusted parameter via midi.
  • Bug fixed with overrides not allowing changes until channel was released .
  • Cue Player updated, more friendly GUI.