I’ve had some fun over the years. With a passion for DJing and creating, I was able to create a fake CDJ player that was a dream machine. To my surprise, Denon never came out with a player that played DVD’s. Laptops ended up being a much better format. However, the CD drive in the DN-S5000 was actually a DVD drive that didn’t play DVD’s. They needed a fast Reader to play two tracks off 1 CD called ALPHA so a computer DVD Rom Drive was used.

They ended up creating a Direct Drive CD Player called the DN-S3500. Although the DD platter spinning at 33 1/3 was an upgrade, it lacked Alpha and the CD drive never performed as well as the DN-S5000. Eventually, Denon released the DN-HS5500 based on the technology used in the 19″ Rack-mount DN-HD2500. Although it didn’t have Track Alpha, you could play two different MP3’s off an internal hard drive. Finally in 2009, Denon released the DN-S3700 with a 9″ Direct Drive Platter with a solid start-up torque of 2.5Kg. It featured a similar Technics platter almost identical to the fake DN-S8000 I created. Evolving from that design, Denon released the S3900 (No more DN- for the model #’s) in the spring of 2012.