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Alexis Balderrama GallerySenior Photos

Part of Alexis Balderrama Senior Photos. Originally from Roswell New Mexico, Alexis currently resides in the town of crosses. She is the Captain of the Pom Squad at LCHS. She enjoys listening to music, hanging out with friends and family and watching the Cowboys. Her favorite movies are Mean Girls and Love and basketball.

Alexis BalderramaLexi on Life

It's sooooo sad to me how boys/girls will do ANYTHING to take advantage over thier significant other. I pray for people like you.

Alexis BalderramaLexi on Girls

It makes me laugh when girls fight over a boy. You're in high school, get over it. I wonder if they know how stupid they look?
Glad i don't have none of that drama.

Alexis BalderramaLexi on Money

Money can't buy me happiness, but i rather much cry in a mansion. 😉

Room Block for Alexis’s Graduation Party at Days Inn and Suites (same place as Dance). Reservations (575) 524-8603 for $55.50 per night. Ask for Balderrama Graduation for 5/19/12.