There is a public trial version available for download at http://www.gizmolabs.net

RPM was designed and built to meet the needs of the working DJ.

Performing and remixing live has never been more inspiring or more reliable. Sync your players with the push of a button and never miss a mix again!

RPM brings the latest processing technology to the performing DJ. Best in class real-time pitch and tempo modifications, support for the latest hardware controllers, powerful library management, realistic turntable effects and scratching, automated mixing, and much more.

Please download and try our BETA / TRIAL release of RPM 1.0 You will not be able to activate or purchase at this time, but feel free to take it for a spin and let us know what you think.

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RPM Demo

Mixing with RPM couldn’t be easier. Chances are you know how to beat mix by hand and with RPM, you can still do that, but RPM also provides many tools to make mixing easier. All songs added to RPM are scanned for their BPM, AutoCue points, BeatGrid, and Gain Compensation. The Quantize feature can help align your mix actions to the beat. The Lock feature can keep multiple tracks in sync as they play. The AutoMix function can automatically beat mix from one track to another.


The RPM players have been lovingly modeled after an actual turntable with a Shure M44-7 cartridge. The result is a digital player that behaves and sounds like a turntable. The emulation of a turntable goes one step farther by providing the finest scratching effect available in a digital player.  Scratching can be controlled via midi controllers or one of the many timecoded vinyl systems. The scratching never sounds metallic or fake, just analog.

Use External Controllers

Interacting with your mix need not be done with just a mouse! RPM can be controlled by hardware controllers from leading manufacturers, such as Denon and others. In addition, you can use also almost any MIDI capable controller to control RPM.

Manage Your Music

Once you have RPM, you’ll experience one of the nicest music libraries in the market. RPM provides many ways to organize and manage your music including, creating playlists, and ‘Smart’ playlists which behave like a live query of your library. You’ll also never struggle to find what to play next thanks to SmartView and the WaitList. The WaitList is your holding bin to place tracks that you’ve found while browsing for the next song and SmartView is our intelligent monitoring system that learns what you play and what you mix together. After using RPM for a few days, SmartView will be able to make suggestions on what songs might go with the song you’re currently playing.

Works With Your Audio Hardware

RPM supports your audio hardware! It works great with ASIO, DirectX, and MME soundcards and can use up to 5 independent stereo outputs.

Minimum Requirements

Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
DirectX Compatible Video Adapter

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