J.J.’s DN-HC4500 + Traktor Pro TSI MIDI Mapper

  • I’m working on a Custom 4 Deck MIDI Mapper for the DN-HC4500 and Traktor Pro. When I’m finished, I will update the PDF and create a video.
  • • Display Support (Display adding Latency was fixed in Traktor 2.0)
  • —–May cause USB traffic jam
  • —–Use only if you own a MAC or Audio 8
  • —–Use only if you love to see the Track’s Title nonstop scrolling
  • • No Display Support
  • —–Low Latency (Better Performance)
  • —–Cue LED stays on when Cued. Play LED flashes while Paused. Jog Wheel & Parameter Blue LED is always ON.
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    HC4500 Traktor Pro PDF


    HC4500 Traktor Pro.pdf Updated 7/28/2010
    Click on the Image to Download

    [dcs_hidden title=”For older Traktor before v2.0″ color=”#555555″ ]

    No Display Updated 05/14/2010

    HC4500 4 Decks no display 20100514
    2010 = Year, 05 = Month, 14 = Day

    Display Support Updated 2/28/2013

    DN-HC4500 4 Decks 20130228
    2013 = Year, 02 = Month, 28 = Day.

    Fixed: ‘Scratch ON’ for the Jog Wheel freezes the player until the Jog Wheel is touched again.

    Fixed: Deck Focus works. Deleted previous LED off when switching Decks.
    Fixed: Flip + Hot Cues 3-5 on right side. When deleting Hot Cues 3-5, it would jump to Cue instead of just deleting it.
    Added: ‘Deck Focus Select’ for all 4 decks. When you hit Playlist to go to Deck C (left side) or Deck D (right side), the Play, Loop (Loop ON) and Cue LED’s should return to the decks state. For instance, if you have 4 Cues on deck A, then switch to Deck C and back to Deck A, the 4 Cue LED lights should turn back on.
    Fixed: Cue LED on Deck A was assigned to Device Target. So when you hit Cue on Deck B, Deck A Cue would also light up RED.
    Fixed: Play LED for Deck B and Deck D wasn’t assigned to the modifier layers. So when you hit Playlist to go to Deck D, it wouldn’t update the LED for that layer.
    Fixed: Added correct Modifiers to Deck Focus Select. If you do Flip + Playlist = Only Browser Toggle, it would change Deck Focus without changing layers.

    To Do: Effects now work, but only On and Off. I still need to add Flip + Effect so the Jog Wheel effects the parameter, PM Knob effects the Wet/Dry, and Forward Backward selects the active effect.
    To Do: If the Deck is a Sample Deck, then the Cue Points will trigger the sampler’s. Flip + Cue 1 might be to add current loop to Sample Deck 1. I haven’t figured it out. I will have to look how the S4 does this.
    [dcs_hidden title=”ASIO” color=”#555555″ ]
    Use the latest HC4500 Software update and the latest ASIO. If you have Windows 7 64-bit, use Denon DJ ASIO 2.1. Otherwise, use ASIO 1.01.

    Firmware SYS 1006 (August 2009)


    1. Create a user account here: http://www.denondj.com/denon-dj-Club.aspxYou will need the serial number of your HC handy.
    2. When completed, download the v1006 firmware (.zip) to a folder.
    3. Go to that folder and unzip the file.
    4. Install the updator application for PC or MAC and launch it.
    5. Connect DN-HC4500 to computer by USB cable.
    6. Push and hold these two keys and power up > [Back + Source] on the DN-HC4500.
    7. Drag and drop only the v1006.bin file into the Denon updator application.
    8. Hit load in the app.
    9. Hit execute in the app.
    10. Wait till the display says complete (about 10-sec).
    11. Power the DN-HC4500 down and your done.

    ASIO 2.10 For Windows 7 64-bit only:


    • 2.1 is optimized for 8in/8out

    • You need it in order to run 64-bit

    • You need this version if you have a DN-X1600 or DN-X1700 mixer

    ASIO 1.01 For Windows 7 32-bit (XP, Vista):


    • 1.01 is optimized for 4in/4out

    • Utilizes less audio channels = smaller buffer size setting is possible