I finished the Custom MIDI Mapper XML for the DN-S3700 and Serato Scratch Live. I will now work on updating the PDF and create a video. With Scratch Live 2.5.0, Serato added enabled MIDI out so your precious buttons will light up.
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  • Control All Effects (I will update this with the full features.
  • —–Super Knob
  • —–Ultra Knob
  • —–Beat Control
  • Loops
  • —–Auto Loop
  • —–Loop Roll (using Effects Knob)

You have to be a registered member to download. Once you Log In, you can see the downloaded link below.
DN-S3700 Scratch Live PDF
Click on the Image to Download

NEW 3/09/15 With MIDI Out

DN-S3700 SSL Custom MIDI Updated 3/09/15 4 Deck Layout

4 Deck = C-A-B-D. MIDI Channel 1 = A Left Deck. MIDI Channel 2 = B Right Deck. MIDI Channel 3 = C Far Left Deck. MIDI Channel 4 = D Far Right Deck.
4 DECK PowerOnPlay DN-S3700 v1.4.0

PowerOnPlay DN-S3700 v1.2.3

Left Deck = MIDI Channel 5
Right Deck = MIDI Channel 6


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Denon uses “Control Change” instead of “Note On” “Note Off”. Because of this, you would have to enter the MIDI Out XML file manually. Or just download the latest ZIP found above (once you logon).

Hex to Dex

CC no: 074 = ON ; 075 = OFF ; 076 = FLASH
Controller range no’s:
1 = disc eject
2 = playlist
5 = platter mode (green)
6 = platter mode (orange)
7 = pitch range
8 = key adj
9 = tap
11= echo/loop
13= flanger
15= filter
17= hot start 1(bright orange)
18= hot start 1 (dim)
19= hot start 2 (bright)
20= hot start 2 (dim)
21= hot start 3 (bright)
22= hot start 3 (dim)
29= next track
30= parameters
35= flip
36= loop set in (A)(bright)
38= CUE
39= PLAY
40= brake
41= dump
42= loop set out (B)(Dim)
43= autoloop
44= exit
45= dry/wet rotary
58= reverse
62= loop set in (A) (dim)
64= loop set out (B) (bright)
66= exit/reloop
67= left blue led (display)
68= right blue led (display)
72= blue led (very front)

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Here is an example of what Scratch Live does:
(Output name=”Play Forward A”)
(On channel=”5″ event_type=”Note On” control=”67″ value=”127″ /)
(Off channel=”5″ event_type=”Note Off” control=”67″ value=”0″ /)

This is how you would have the manually change in the XML file. 74 Turns the LED ON while 75 Dims the LED instead of just turning it Off.
[Output name=”Play Forward A”]
[On channel=”5″ event_type=”Control Change” control=”74″ value=”39″ /]
[Off channel=”5″ event_type=”Control Change” control=”75″ value=”39″ /]


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Use the latest DN-S3700 Software update and the latest ASIO. If you have Windows 7 64-bit, use Denon DJ ASIO 2.1. Otherwise, use ASIO 1.01.

***Follow the official instructions from the PDF. I will update this area when it’s out.***

Firmware to be released end of October 2010


  1. Create a user account here: http://www.denondj.com/denon-dj-Club.aspx
    You will need the serial number of your DN-S3700 handy.
  2. When completed, download the v2000 firmware (.zip) to a folder.
  3. Go to that folder and unzip the file. Put the .bin file at the root of a FAT/FAT 32 formatted USB Memory Device.
  4. Turn off the DN-S3700.
  5. Push and hold these two keys and power up > [Back + Next Track] on the DN-S3700.
  6. Once the display says VerUp Mode Push Cue, you can release the two buttons.
  7. Press the CUE button and confirm the new version number.
  8. Press the PLAY/PAUSE button to update.
  9. ***Follow the official instructions from the PDF. I will update this area when it’s out.***
  10. Wait till the display says PleasePowOff (about 90-sec).
  11. Power the DN-S3700 down and your done.

ASIO 2.10 For Windows 7 64-bit only:

• 2.1 is optimized for 8in/8out
• You need it in order to run 64-bit
• You need this version if you have a DN-X1600 or DN-X1700 mixer

ASIO 1.01 For Windows 7 32-bit (XP, Vista):

• 1.01 is optimized for 4in/4out
• Utilizes less audio channels = smaller buffer size setting is possible