DN-SC2000 is not officially supported in Serato Scratch Live. But that doesn’t mean you can’t program this wonderful controller in MIDI. Thanks to Konix and radikarl on Serato’s Forum, there is Jog Wheel Support for Scratching.

J.J.’s DN-SC2000 + Serato Scratch Live XML MIDI Mapper

If your JOG Wheel is really slow under Windows 7, you need to install Quicktime. Serato’s Reason on the Bug.

I’ve created a XML that supports most of the features in Scratch Live using Denon’s DN-SC2000, including controlling the effects.

You have to be a registered member to download the XML and PDF. Once you Log In, you can download the XML and PDF below. [hidepost=0]

The PDF is incomplete but it does have the control number that Scratch Live recognizes the MIDI. The RED numbers are rotating the knob. Download the PDF file for Scratch Live by clicking the image below.
PDF Updated 5/27/2011 Under Construction


Download the XML file for Scratch Live by clicking the link below.
XML Updated 7/18/2013 Under Construction
XML MIDI Channel 7 and 8 Updated 4/27/2011 Under Construction
[SHIFT] + [DUPLICATE] = MIDI channel 7-8

If you like it:


How to assign MIDI channel 1 through 8

  1. [SHIFT] + [BROWSE] = MIDI channel 1-2
  2. [SHIFT] + [PREVIOUS] = MIDI channel 3-4
  3. [SHIFT] + [NEXT] = MIDI channel 5-6
  4. [SHIFT] + [DUPLICATE] = MIDI channel 7-8
LED 		CUE1-2 	CUE3-4 	CUE5-6 	CUE7-8
Channel 	1-2	3-4	5-6	7-8

[SHIFT] + [SEL.] = CUE button corresponding to the current MIDI channel flashes:

The Jog Wheel has 2 modes

  • [SHIFT] + [Rewind << ]: If the front blue light is ON, that means SCRATCH mode.
  • [SHIFT] + [Forward >> ] = Bend: If the front blue light is OFF, that means BEND mode.

To select either mode, push the [SHIFT] key and the [<>] key at the same time.

When you turn on the SC2000, it defaults to BEND mode. Serato Scratch Live will not recognize the BEND mode, so you have to hit [SHIFT] + [>> ]

Fader lock function

  • Fader Lock On: To set the fader lock function On, hold down the [SHIFT] key and press the [PITCHBEND +] key. (The default setting is ON)
  • Fader Lock Off: To set the fader lock function Off, hold down the [SHIFT] key and press the [PITCHBEND -] key.

If the fader lock function is set to ON and the pitch slider position after a DECK change operation is different from the value registered in the unit’s memory, the MIDI command is not sent. The KEYLOCK LED flashes. Once the pitch fader position coincides with the value registered in the unit’s memory, MIDI command transmission starts again, and the KEYLOCK LED retrieves the status before flashing.

Adjusting the touch sense sensitivity

The unit can control the sensitivity of the touch sensor for the JOG wheel in 9 steps (-4 to 0 to +4). “-4” is the lowest sensitivity, and “+4” is the highest sensitivity. The default setting is “0”.

    1. Connect the unit to a PC while holding the SHIFT, BROWSER, and PREVIOUS buttons pressed.
    2. Adjust the sensitivity by turning the TRACK SELECT knob.
      The LED corresponding to the set sensitivity lights.
Sensitivity 	–4 	–3 	–2 	–1 	0 		+1 	+2 	+3 	+4
    1. Press the SHIFT button.

Normal mode is retrieved from the sensitivity adjustment mode.