It used to be called MP3Trim. I used this to add ½ of second of silence to each MP3 so I can scratch the first beat of a song on the DN-S3500. mpTrim is a simple and easy to use MP3 editor. Use it to improve your MP3 collection. What exactly can mpTrim do for you? mpTrim can trim MP3s – removing silent or unwanted parts. mpTrim can adjust the volume of MP3s. Volume change can be manual or automatic (volume normalization). mpTrim can fade-in/out MP3s (to fix abrupt beginning/ending). mpTrim can clean-up MP3s and recover wasted disk space. mpTrim keeps the music quality intact, no matter how many times you process an MP3, because it works directly in the MP3 format without having to decode/re-encode. That also makes it very fast. mpTrim is free – no evaluation period or time limit. Download it here. mpTrim is available in many languages, see the localization page. mpTrim works with Win98/Me/NT4/2K/XP/Vista.