Native Instruments announces TRAKTOR DUO and TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO

New, affordable two-deck DJ solutions with MIDI and time-code control offer versatile feature set, based on acclaimed TRAKTOR PRO platform

Berlin, March 24th, 2009 – Native Instruments today announced TRAKTOR DUO and TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO, two new DJ solutions that bring the quality and creative functionality of the acclaimed TRAKTOR PRO platform into a new price range, offering an affordable entry into the world of digital DJing.

The new TRAKTOR DUO software, which is also at the heart of TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO, offers many of the advanced features of TRAKTOR PRO in an easy-to-use two-deck configuration. It is based on the same concise, performance-optimized user interface, and offers a host of intuitive DJ features like auto-syncing, looping, integrated EQs and filters, and more. Automatic beat-gridding in combination with the “Sync Lock” function makes sure that the tracks in TRAKTOR DUO never drift out of sync, giving users more time to focus on the creative aspects of digital mixing. Extensive “Crate Flick” cover artwork support also allows users to visually browse music libraries in an especially efficient way.

TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO combines the DUO software with the robust and full-featured AUDIO 4 DJ 24bit/96 kHz audio interface into a professional time-code controlled DJ system. Both powerful and highly affordable, TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO is the two-deck DVS solution for users that do not want to compromise on quality in any way. It is based on the industry-leading 2kHz high-resolution time-code technology of TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO that allows for extremely responsive and precise hands-on control through turntables and CD decks.

Two performance effects sections offer six studio-quality algorithms including DJ standards like flanger, delay, reverb and more. To give DJs convenient control over their performance, the DUO versions also offer state-of-the-art MIDI controller integration, and come with mappings for all relevant hardware controllers on the market.

Owners of TRAKTOR DUO and TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO will also be able to upgrade to the TRAKTOR PRO software at a discounted price at any time, gaining access to two additional decks, a full range of over 20 effect types, Internet broadcasting and audio recording functions, as well as extended sync and MIDI features.

The introduction of TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO is accompanied by a demonstration video featuring iconic turntablists DJ Craze and DJ Klever, who recently adopted TRAKTOR as their new DJ platform of choice.

Pricing and availability

TRAKTOR DUO and TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO will be available from April 1st for a suggested retail price of $119/99 € and $399/349 € respectively.

Further product information and press material Additional information on TRAKTOR DUO/TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO is available at

Traktor Info Simplified
Traktor 3.x / Traktor Scratch 1
= Still Available on the market but not from NI directly and is END OF LIFE.

Traktor Pro = The replacement for Traktor 3.x  without Timecode Control.

Traktor Scratch Pro = The replacement for Traktor 3.x  with Timecode Control.

Traktor Duo = An entry level package of Traktor Pro with limited features and without Timecode Control. Similiar to the Traktor LE offering.
– 2 Decks Only
– No Recording
– Six Effects Only
– No Programmable Hot Keys

Traktor Scratch Duo = Same as Traktor Duo, but with Timecode Control.

Torq = $299/£199/€225
Serato Scratch Live = $539/£449/€566
Traktor Scratch Duo = $349/£299/€325

SSL has a lock on the market, but with the launch of Traktor Scratch Duo, it could get interesting. Duo offers a superior timecode, much better MIDI and effects and it is cheaper.