Remix Holdings, Inc., better known as Select Mix®, has launched a new Series called Freestyle Tracks. The Executive Producer, Scott Thomas, has been listening to DJ’s who need more variety in their audio arsenal. In fact, they merged last year with the longest running Remix company Hot Tracks® and has continued the Hot Track series: The Edge, Hot Tracks, and Street Tracks.

Freestyle Tracks is a dream come true. Great work on extending and remixing these club classics. Although to much work (like extra beats) were unnecessarily put into some of the tracks.

1. The Cover Girls – Show Me (BPM 113) (4:51)
Great track and remix.

2. Lisa Lisa – I Wonder If I Take You Home (BPM 115) (6:06)
Great track. I don’t get the echo sound in the intro that fades away and comes back every 8 beats.

3. Jelly Bean – The Mexican (BPM 115) (3:38)
Never heard this song.

4. Stevie B – Spring Love (BPM 117) (5:47)
Best remix of this song. Nice and clean. I will use this mix for years to come.

5. George Lamond – Bad Of The Heart (BPM 118) (5:03)
This song takes me back. Good job.

6. Corina – Temptation (BPM 119) (5:29)
Another great freestyle remix.

7. Lisette Melendez – Together Forever (BPM 119) (5:11)
Wow! Keep them coming. On FIRE! Flawless CD so far…

8. Expose – Come Go With Me (BPM 120) (4:50)
Did the volume fade down at :40, then fade down again at :50? Where is the quality assurance?
Exposure released in 1987 was my first CD ever. Great work, but what happened to the volume?

9. Jocelyn Enriquez – I’ve Been Thinking About You (BPM 123) (10:28)
A 10+ minute song?????????? Nope. The track should have ended at 4:41. No biggie if your mixing, but the silence threw me off when I was listening to the whole CD.

10. Johnny O – Fantasy Girl (BPM 127) (5:13)
I love the song, but the extra beats killed this version for me. To much kick drum!

11. Jossette – In A Dream (BPM 131) (4:43)
Yes! Finally a extended version of this Classic. It uses different version from the Maxi. Very well done. Hear the drummer get wicked!
I thought Rockell sang this song too. But my Single has it by Jossette.

12. Angelina – Release Me (BPM 130) (5:15)
The intro gets me so hyped. I will be using this one for sure.

13. Freestyle – Don’t Stop The Rock (BPM 120) (5:35)
The beats (kick drum and hats) sound like a live drummer. It works with rock songs, but not this one. It throws off the smooth synthesizer bass sound of the original song. The Funkymix version was a nice update with the pitch increase and extra modern beats, but it had too much going on. Even though this is one of my all time favorite songs, this remix version gets two thumbs down.

Other than the errors on tracks 8 & 9, and the unwanted extra beats on tracks 10 & 13, this is the best Select Mix CD. Not only does it take you back, but you can put it in the mix and educate. Especially with the crap that’s released today.