Do you know how to adjust the Inertia. How about adjusting the Brake and Drag length. Download this easy 1 page PDF and unleash RPM.

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RPM brings the latest processing technology to the performing DJ. Best in class real-time pitch and tempo modifications, support for the latest hardware controllers, powerful library management, realistic turntable effects and scratching, automated mixing, and much more.

Use the latest HC4500 Software update and the latest ASIO. If you have Windows 7 64-bit, use Denon DJ ASIO 2.1. Otherwise, use ASIO 1.01.

Firmware SYS 1006 (August 2009)

ASIO 2.10 For Windows 7 64-bit only:
• 2.1 is optimized for 8in/8out
• You need it in order to run 64-bit
• You need this version if you have a DN-X1600 or DN-X1700 mixer

ASIO 1.01 For Windows 7 32-bit (XP, Vista):
• 1.01 is optimized for 4in/4out
• Utilizes less audio channels = smaller buffer size setting is possible

Originally Posted: February 18, 2010