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Have a look at the latest Wizard in Traktor 2.1.2

SC2900 Traktor
SC2900 Ring
SC2900 Ring 01
SC2900 Ring 02
SC2900 Cue
SC2900 Time
SC2900 Time 02

Interesting. The SC2900 will replace the DN-SC2000.

[dcs_head top="20" color="#666666"]It will feature:[/dcs_head]

    • 4 Rubber Hot Starts
    • 4 Sample
    • Loop Controls
    • Scratch/Bend Mode
    • Touch Sensitive High Resolution Static Platter with LED needle point
    • Full MIDI
    • HID support in Traktor for Track Title, Time etc
    • High Resolution Pitch Slider
    • Plastic Short Throttle Cue and Play buttons
    • 4 Effect Knobs
    • Wave overview