The future is less than 5 minutes away
· Scratch Live 1.9.2
· New versions of ITCH DJ software
· Radio
· Ableton and Serato set course for NAMM Show
· New Serato Pressings …

The future is less than 5 minutes away

Serato love hearing from our customers via our online forum community, email, trade shows, gigs, etc… Many come to the forums when they have a question or need some advice from one of our friendly support people. Some of you may not have experienced our online support or had the opportunity to have your say on our forums, so here’s your chance to shape the future.

We have now created a our very first external survey to help us better understand the needs of our customers. Please take some time to update your profile and complete this new survey – it’s a bit of fun and will only take you a few minutes.

Scratch Live 1.9.2 Released

Scratch Live 1.9.2 introduces a performance version of the SP-6 sample player. First up, you can now store up to 24 audio files inside 4 new Sample Banks, giving quick fire access to stings, loops, whatever audio you have in your library.

A new drop down menu on the right hand side lets you add extra control to each of the 6 independent sample players in the SP-6. Scratch Live DJs will notice you now have an independent Volume Level, a Pitch Slider and an output selection for each sample player. All SP-6 functions are MIDI assignable and easily tweaked by MIDI trigger pad with control knobs or faders.

Now with support for latest iTunes versions and Snow Leopard, Scratch Live 1.9.2 is a free upgrade that extends support for 96kHz audio files and integrates the brand new Denon DN-HC1000S performance controller. This a recommended upgrade for all Scratch Live users as it offers speed increases, bug fixes and library enhancements.

New versions of ITCH DJ software

October has revealed a number of new hardware controllers for ITCH. Serato have created a series of point releases to ship with each new controller. These versions of ITCH can now activate a range of effects with the Numark NSFX (shipping November) and the Vestax VFX-1 (shipping now). They also provide hardware drivers for the first of a new range of ITCH audio components.

Denon are about to ship their DN-HC5000 ITCH controller which can be used with any mixer. UK mixer giants Allen & Heath have also announced the Xone:DX, sporting a 20 channel sound card supporting 24bit/ 96KHz audio.

The next couple of months will see a number of 1.x ITCH software versions shipped with the new controllers. The next online ITCH release will be a small 1.5 update in late 2009 and the big 2.0 in early 2010.


We thought it would be a cool idea to start making monthly mixes from tunes. A few of the WL DJs have already been doing this, so we decided to step up our game and jump on the bandwagon. There’ll be a new radio show every month featuring tunes from that may have already downloaded, or may not even know about. Get the first show here.

For all Latin DJs out there, now has a Latin music list! To add yourself to this list, go to your profile, click the Latin checkbox next to Music Genres, and click the “Update” button. Latin releases are coming soon.

Ableton and Serato set course for NAMM Show 2010

The countdown towards NAMM 2010 commences this month with the launch of a new Ableton page. This page will play host to tip and tricks when using Serato and Ableton software, as well as feedback from respected artists

We’re not letting the cat out of the bag just yet, other than to say if you own Ableton Live, and any of the DJ products that use Serato software, get ready to be inspired in 2010!

New Serato Pressings

October Serato Pressings include Sa-Ra Creative Partners from Ubiquity Records with the release of Love Czars II on a vibrant Indigo Blue vinyl. Planet Mu are also in the throws of a releasing a hefty new track from Starkey on Serato Pressings. “Knob Twiddler” will be pressed on Grey Vinyl and will be available for pre-order very soon.

In November, DJ Spinna features “I’m your Superman” on a new 12″ from BBE with a superb Keyappella version. Keep the Serato Pressings page locked for pre-order links and more new releases in November.

Support Tip of the Month

“Exporting a session using the History function in Scratch Live and ITCH.”

DJs have many uses for session information; be it to log a radio show, a club gig, or a recorded mix. Using the History function, it’s now easier than ever to export your sessions.


Each time you open Scratch Live or ITCH, a new history session will be started, which will log all your played tracks.

You can start a new session at any time by using the ‘Start Session’ and ‘End Session’ buttons in the History tab, allowing you to create a specific set list. You can export any completed sessions you have in your History archive.


To export simply select the desired session, choose the export file type, and click the export button. There are three file types you can export the session as; text, csv (for spreadsheets), and m3u (for media playlists).

The exported file will be saved in the ScratchLIVE > History Export folder in your default system Music folder.

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