Support for New Controllers

Denon DN-HC4500Denon DN-HD2500Numark DMC2

CDJ-400 Support Delayed. “It has become apparent that there may be problems with using Scratch LIVE 1.8.1, 2 CDJ-400s and a USB hub, and further investigation is required. We are working closely with Pioneer to resolve this problem, and expect to have a fix ready for the next version.” Loop BPM Display When looping, the deck BPM counter now adjusts the displayed BPM to fit the exact length of the loop. It assumes that the number of beats in the loop is a “power of 2”, for example 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 etc. You can use this feature to match a loop of “ambient noise” to a beat playing on the other deck so that they loop in time. Bug Fixes and Miscellaneous changes:

  • USB performance
  • iTunes Library support
  • External Midi control
  • Offline Player
  • Deck and playback controls
  • Library Crates and Tracklist
  • Preferences and setup options
  • Video-SL integration

Please see the release notes for details. Scratch LIVE 1.8.1 is a free download and available from: