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Override default Serato DJ commands

Planned: I will show you how to change the MIDI commands into a keyboard in Itch. Similar to the DN-HC4500 override with Native Support.

Keyboard commands such as Loop In, Loop Out, Loop On/Off, Previous/Next Loop will work. Similiar Link

VCI-380 Tracktor TSI

Planned: I started work on the ultimate 4 channel TSI Mapper for Traktor 2.5.1. The Pads will have a dedicated section for instant effects with Wet/Dry sensitivity.

VCI-380 Scratch Live XML

Click on link below. You will have to be logged in to download future updates.

10/21/12 VCI-380 10/15/12 PDF
You have to be a registered member to download the XML and PDF (not finished). Once you Log In, you can download the XML and PDF (not finished).

VirtualDJ and RPM

I am waiting on RPM 2.0 to be released to start working on this. Virtual DJ 8 automatically loads the default mapper.

You have to be a registered member to download the XML and PDF (not finished). Once you Log In, you can download the XML and PDF (not finished).

Serato Scratch Live XML Mapper


  • Pitch Slider Works
  • VINYL = Toggles Jog Scratch and Jog Bend
  • RANGE = Keylock On/Off
  • Shift + RANGE = Pitch Range 8, 10, 16 etc.
  • AREA = Duplicate Deck B
  • SORT = Duplicate Deck A
  • SYNC = Censor
  • Cue = Jump to Cue
  • Parameter Strip Touch = Loop Divide/Multiply x2 (I will probably change this for Effects)
  • Shift + Cue = Set Temp Cue
  • Play = Play/Pause (Remember to set Braking Amount in Setup-->Playback)
  • Shift + Play = Reverse Play
  • Pad FX Knob Rotate = Loop Divide/Multiply x2 (Create your own Trancifier Effect)
  • 4 Shift Buttons on Left Top control both Decks (Hot Cue, Slicer, Auto Loop, Roll)
  • Pitch Bend - on Pad 7. Pitch Bend + on Pad 8.
  • Shift + Jog Wheel = Pitch Slider (I will change this to Jog Library Scroll)
  • Jog Scroll + Jog Wheel = Jog Scroll (Use the side of the platter) I will change this to Shift + Jog Wheel
[Cue 1] [Cue 2] [Cue 3 ] [Cue 4]
[Cue 5] [OnOff] [Pitch-] [Pitch+]
Shift + Cue 1 = Delete Cue 1
Shift + Cue 2 = Delete Cue 2
Shift + Cue 3 = Delete Cue 3
Shift + Cue 4 = Delete Cue 4
Shift + Cue 5 = Delete Cue 5
Shift + Pitch- = Rewind
Shift + Pitch- = Fast Forward
SLICER (Used for Sampler)
[Samp 1] [Samp 2] [Samp 3] [Samp 4]
[Samp 5] [Samp 6] [Pitch-] [Pitch+]
Shift + Sample 1 = Sample Bank A
Shift + Sample 2 = Sample Bank B
Shift + Sample 3 = Sample Bank C
Shift + Sample 4 = Sample Bank D
[2 Bar Loop] [4 Bar Loop] [8 Bar Loop ] [On/Off]
[Prev. Loop] [Next Loop ] [Pitch Bend-] [Bend+ ]
Shift + Pad 5 (Prev.Loop) = Loop In
Shift + Pad 6 (Next Loop) = Loop Out
Shift + Pad 4 (Loop On/Off] = Loop On and Jump 
(Like in Itch. YAY)
[1/32] [1/16 ] [ 1/8  ] [ 1/4  ]
[1/2 ] [  1  ] [Bend -] [Bend +]

Things that don't work

  • 4 Shift Buttons on Right Top (Hot Cue, Slicer, Auto Loop, Roll). Currently, the LEFT Shift Buttons control both decks.
  • No Effects Yet. I'm running into problems using the Pressure Pads as Wet/Dry. All the Pads use the same MIDI code.
  • Only 2 Decks support. Serato will have to add support for Modifiers.
  • When Serato adds MIDI out, it will not support the LED ring on the 380 Jog Wheel.
  • Jog Scroll + Cue A = LOAD A. However, hitting Cue A also loads the track even though it's a different MIDI command. Weird?

Serato Scratch Live XML Setup

• Download the ZIP file and UnZip it. 20120721-VCI-380-PowerOnPlay.zip
• Move the XML file inside Serato's MIDI Folder 20120721 VCI-380 PowerOnPlay.XML
Windows: C:\Users\\Music\_Serato_\MIDI\
Mac: /Users//Music/ScratchLIVE/MIDI/
1. Launch Serato Scratch Live and click Setup
2. MIDI Tab
3. Select the MIDI Device (Ex: Vestax VCI-380)
4. Make sure Enable MIDI Device is checked.
5. Select the XML file (Ex: 20120721 VCI-380 PowerOnPlay)
6. LOAD * If you modify the XML in any way and have Scratch Live Save it, the XML will not function correctly anymore. SSL will corrupt the XML and make changes/deletions. You have to add or edit the XML file in a text editor like Wordpad.

Gibberish on how I got the Pitch Slider to work
Traktor has the Pitch Slider as 2 MIDI commands and it works real good.
Just wondering if anyone has successfully mapped the VCI-300 to SSL?
Jerome at Vestax said the Pitch Sliders will work perfectly on there mapping, but it has been delayed because there are no layers (modifiers) in SSL.
Does anyone know how to get the pitch sliders on the VCI-380 to work correctly in SSL? Maybe it's the same as the VCI-300? I wasn't able to get the sliders to work properly on the VCI-400EGE either.
The slider is all over the place and none of these work:
data_type="Absolute 7" control="45" />
data_type="Relative Signed Bit" control="45" />
data_type="Relative Binary Offset" control="45" />
data_type="Relative 2's Complement" control="45" />
data_type="Relative OnOff" control="45" />
Could the original code for the HC4500 be a clue to a permanent layer?
Control name="Platter Control Left" channel="8" event_type="Note On" control="26" key="ctrl" /