Vestax announces VFX-1

VCI-300 Additional Effects Unit


More possibilities, more fun.
The VFX-1 effect midi controller expands the possibilities of mixing with the perfect digital
DJ system VCI-300+Serato ITCH.


  • Effect Channel select switch.
  • Efficient parameter control with the high grade ALPS 27 rotary volume.
  • New soft touch push switches.
  • Mix with endless opportunities and expand the 300 to the ultimate DAW / mixer / controller.

It looks like the unit has

  • 2 Fx units
  • wet dry control
  • 1 parameter control
  • 2 fx per channel
  • master assignable
  • input assignable
  • filters, delay, verb, vocoder and possibly more

Click HERE for the manual.
For more information, go to my friend Ean Golden’s website.

If you have questions or concerns email Vestax Customer Service
Charles (VP Vestax Corporation)