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Serato Audio Research announces the launch of Serato Audio Research, the name synonymous with DJing, is proud to announce the launch of With this new digital distribution service, the revolutionary software company has now firmly set its sights on changing the face of the music industry.

Developed exclusively by Serato, is a unique system that allows Record Labels to deliver promotional releases directly to DJs. The Whitelabel MP3 format is a high quality format that is tagged with artist and song information, BPMs, and Scratch Live overviews prebuilt. These files will play the full high quality version when played in Serato Scratch Live, and a low quality preview in any other mp3 player.

Scratch Live allows DJs to scratch any digital sample or sound file on your computer using their existing turntable as the controller. This groundbreaking software and hardware solution has brought about a revolution in the DJ industry not seen since the invention of the mixer.

Serato created the service with input from a number of renown record labels from around the world. Using, record labels can promote their music using a secure service to the worldwide community of Scratch Live DJs. reconnects DJs to promotional releases, reviving one of the roles of the professional DJ – to break new music.

We were well aware of the inefficiencies of other distribution methods, and how easy it was for for music to be leaked. provides secure delivery and allows DJs to receive fresh releases at no charge, states David George, Head of Operations at

The website provides Scratch Live users access to promotional singles from some of the top Record Labels around the world, at no charge. Spanning all genres, tracks will be released daily and DJs will be encourage to provide feedback in an online forum.

The launch sees the arrival of a brand new blog, which will give the latest updates on Scratch Live Artists, discuss new releases from Labels and give an insight into Serato. Another addition to the site is a brand new downloads page, equipped with a new preview player for easier auditioning of tracks. is the first distribution network that can provide true integration with Scratch Live, explains US Operations Manager, Jeff Diones. The potential will lead to new developments in reporting, promotions, and protection, all of which are vital to the music industry today. DJs have long been at the forefront of breaking new music. provides labels with the tools they need to deliver releases securely, and measure the reaction of the most influential DJs.

Along with tools for the Record Labels, offers a diverse catalogue of music to the ever growing list of Scratch Live users world wide. The site promotes close interaction between Labels and DJs without making DJs apply or qualify for the service.

This is really a way for us to put the hit breaking potential back in the DJ’s hands, says George. There are no catches to the service either Рyou sign up, you download. Feedback is optional, which makes for more honest and useful commentary. We hope that all of our users enjoy the simplicity of the website, and some of the fantastic music has to offer.